Embedded in the liberal arts, OWU's music programs can prepare you for almost any profession in the music world. We offer majors in composing, performing, and teaching, and you can combine a B.A. in Music with a second major in business, computer science, creative writing, psychology, and dozens of other fields.

The Music Department offers two degrees encompassing four majors:

  • Bachelor of Arts Music Major (More Information)
    This major offers a comprehensive concentration in music within the context of a liberal arts degree program. While the Music major provides sufficient preparation for students to enter graduate music programs, it also allows for the breadth and flexibility of a liberal arts education giving students not only the option to take a wide range of courses, but also to complete a second major without going beyond eight semesters of study. This is a particularly good option for students long active in music who wish to continue serious music study in college, though they intend to pursue a career in another field.
  • Bachelor of Music
    The B.M. is the professional-track degree, providing greater depth in training for students intending to pursue a career in music. There are three majors offered:
    • B.M. in Performance
      Students choose one of three concentrations: Instrumental, Keyboard, and Vocal. This major provides a solid foundation for students who plan to pursue a career in performance and/or studio teaching.
    • B.M. in Composition (More Information)
      This major combines the elements of traditional composition (compositional techniques, notation, instrumentation, and orchestration skills) with new electronic composition methods and technologies.
    • B.M. in Music Education
      An intensive course of study that prepares students for teaching in elementary- and secondary-school settings. Regardless of the concentration (Choral, Instrumental, or Keyboard), students will be prepared to teach general, vocal, and instrumental music in Pre K–12 schools. Field experience begins early in the program and far exceeds the licensure requirements set by the Ohio Department of Education.

Note: Though the B.M. degree requires some nonmusic courses, the rigor of the program does not normally allow one to pursue a double major. A double major combining a B.M. degree with a non-music major is essentially a double-degree program fulfilling the requirements of both the B.M. and B.A. degrees. This normally requires five years for completion.


Graduate Outcomes

Rachel Ballitch '18

With Bachelor of Music degrees in vocal and keyboard performance, Rachel was accepted at the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, where she is pursuing a Master's in Vocal Performance.

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