The music department counts on our students in many ways. We annually employ numerous students in various capacities in support of our diverse operations.

Work / Study is the primary way in which we can offer students employment opportunities. This is funded through the federal work/study program and is a part of a student’s financial aid package. We can offer entry-level work in our field and provide training in the many areas of work that we do.

The areas in which these students work are:

  • Department Office and clerical
  • Kinnison Music Library librarians
  • Band, choral and orchestral ensemble librarians
  • Stage managers
  • Recording technicians
  • Music lab monitors

Special projects are occasionally funded that require skills that only experienced students have. This is especially true when we host guest artists and Performing Arts Events that need experienced running crew. These opportunities are not always dependent upon work/study grants.

Summer opportunities occasionally exist for skilled technicians who are in the area over the summer months. Annual maintenance and repair is done at this time and needs skilled and self-motivated student employees to do the work. Summer event programming places outside groups in the CDC due to it’s production capabilities and these events often need specialized stage crew.