A Quest for Excellence

Todd Zucker ’15, B.M., Music Composition

Making a decision on where I wanted to go to college was not easy. It was more of a decision with what I intended to study rather than an issue of size, location, or social life. I had a few other majors in mind at different schools – including music therapy, performance, and theory – however, during the months surrounding my visit to Ohio Wesleyan, I became more interested in studying composition. Upon meeting Dr. Needham and learning all about the new composition major, my decision became increasingly easy. As I started to discover how beneficial Ohio Wesleyan could be for me in and out of the classroom, it became clear this was the place I wanted to be.

Katherine Thompson ’15, B.M., Instrumental Music Education

Since my eighth grade year in Marysville, I have worked with Ohio Wesleyan University alumni and have aspired to attend Ohio Wesleyan University. Brandon Koehler, John Landis, Steve Fannin, and Dr. Larry Griffin have worked with me musically and have mentioned nothing but amazing remarks about OWU. As a graduating senior at Marysville High School, I have been involved in the Ohio State Honor Band and Ohio Wesleyan University Festival Band. For Thanksgiving, I had the honor of marching in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as a member of the Macy’s Great American Marching Band. While at OWU, I plan on studying Music Education, to be able to challenge myself as an individual, and to be able to interact with the talented musicians at OWU. I hope in my future at Ohio Wesleyan University I will have as many opportunities as I have watched Brandon Koehler and John Landis have, and would love nothing more for that to become a reality for me.

Jacob O’Day ’15, B.A., Instrumental Applied Music and B.A., Chemistry

Having played the trumpet in high school, I decided to continue my journey with this instrument in the hopes to become a very talented professional in the trade. I love the emotion I can create by playing my instrument and the feeling that I am very lucky to be able to play an instrument. My planned majors for college include an applied music major (trumpet) and a pre-med major. What attracted me to Ohio Wesleyan University was the extraordinary student/professor interaction along with the great opportunities that it provides. I know that my schedule will be very rigorous and challenging but through the lessons and support of Ohio Wesleyan professors, it will be an enjoyable experience and one that I will cherish for a lifetime. I hope one day to become a medical doctor and be able to perform in local events as a trumpeter whether it is for school musicals or even for big orchestras.

Caitlen Sellers ’15, B.M., Instrumental Music Education

Starting the whole college search process, I had no idea what I was doing. Nobody in my family had gone through this before. I got the normal stack of brochures in the mail and threw most of them out. The few that seemed interesting, Ohio Wesleyan being one of the top, I took with me to school to discuss with teachers. I decided to do some digging on OWU and found that it sounded like the perfect place for me. When I visited, I knew it was where I wanted to go. The students, staff, professors, and pretty much anybody else I met were all incredibly open and nice. The music department seemed like the close knit family I was looking for and that I have had throughout my years of playing music. I was really impressed that Dr. Gamso found time to have a lesson with me over Skype and that everybody else in the Music Department that I met continuously called and emailed to keep in touch and help with anything.

I am anxious to start experiencing life at college. I do not have exact plans for my future, other than knowing, I want to play and teach music. I love to travel and may find some way to incorporate that in to my future career plans, as well. I am hoping to find out more about myself throughout college and grow as both a musician and student, and I know OWU is the perfect place to do that.