Purpose and Core Values

Ohio Wesleyan University identifies three major objectives: (1) to impart knowledge as transmitted through the humanities, arts, and sciences; (2) to develop and enhance certain important capabilities of students, including the development of creative talents in several fields, and by the preparation of students for careers through professional and pre-professional programs; and (3) to place education in the context of values maintaining the college’s outstanding traditions in these areas”.

The Music Department has developed its objectives to reflect the broader institutional purposes but with reference to music as the identified discipline. (1) to impart knowledge as transmitted through the study and performance of music, (2) to develop and enhance the creative and academic musical talents of students, and (3) to place the study of music in a context of social, cultural and educational values.

The purpose of the department is articulated as: “We are here to develop the talents, minds, and character of our students through the discipline and art of music.

The department also identifies a set or core values: “Musical expression is a basic part of being human. We encourage and assist our students to develop their musical intelligence to their greatest potential, thereby fulfilling the wholeness of their humanity and their ability to improve the lives of others. That our students enjoy and participate in music for a lifetime; that they are committed to adding beauty to their world and changing lives for the better. We pursue creative and scholarly work to satisfy our professional curiosity and passion. We mentor by example.”

The Music Department has been a vital facet of the Ohio Wesleyan community for over 150 years. As one of the most respected music programs of the liberal arts colleges in Ohio, the Department of Music is characterized by talented and experienced faculty, outstanding facilities, personal attention, and numerous performing opportunities for both music majors and other interested students.

Music majors are offered the unique and challenging environment of the professional music degree program within the context of the university’s renowned liberal arts curriculum while the entire Ohio Wesleyan community enjoys a variety of musical performance and learning opportunities.