Our major and minor requirements have a relatively open structure. This enables students to craft their philosophy degree according to their interests and needs. It also allows many students to double major, which we encourage. Part of our mission is to help students see the value of philosophy as a discipline that complements many other disciplines. Our graduates attest to philosophy enriching and improving their knowledge of those other disciplines, and many have gone on to professional or graduate work in disciplines as various as law, neuroscience, education, psychology, classics, and design analysis, as well as philosophy. We are not a department narrowly concerned with producing graduate students in philosophy. Rather, we aim to make philosophy part of a student’s whole life, and to enrich that life, no matter where life takes them.

Major in Philosophy: At least eight courses in philosophy.

Students with special interests—for example, students who desire to study philosophy as preparation for law school—are encouraged to consult with the department for assistance in tailoring their specific major.

Minor in Philosophy: At least five courses in philosophy.