PHYS 110C, PHYS 110L, PHYS 111C, PHYS 111L, PHYS 275, PHYS 280C, PHYS 280L, PHYS 310 or PHYS 320, PHYS 345 or PHYS 375, PHYS 360 or PHYS 380; CHEM 110, CHEM 111; MATH 110, MATH 111, MATH 210 and MATH 280. Recommended: CS 110, MATH 270, MATH 330, MATH 380.

Successful completion of all course work at the engineering school is also a requirement for the B.A. in Physics from Ohio Wesleyan for this option.

This option is appropriate for students wishing to pursue aeronautical, ceramic, civil, computer, electrical, electronic, environmental, industrial, materials, mechanical, or nuclear engineering.