The Religion and Pre-Theology majors will no longer accept new students after December 18, 2020.

About the Majors

At Ohio Wesleyan, you have two degree pathways in the study of religion, depending on your career goals. Both options provide a comprehensive liberal arts program enhanced with opportunities to work closely with faculty on research and service projects around the world.

  • Religion: The religion major provides a comprehensive study of religion, with courses in biblical studies, religion and society, and history of world religion. Students majoring in religion include those planning careers in business, social services, law, medicine, education and other fields. They discover that knowledge of and appreciation for the depth of religious motivations, as well as the pervasiveness and permanence of religious behaviors, prove helpful in their professional lives. Also, many students find that their personal faith and devotional life are strengthened by first looking objectively at the faith and devotion of other religious persons.
  • Pre-Theology: The interdisciplinary pre-theology major prepares students for graduate theological studies or to specialized ministries. The major requires you to take courses in a variety of academic fields, including: psychology, sociology/anthropology, and the humanities. You will work with the pre-theology advisor to design your personalized program. You have the opportunity to take up to two classes at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio, giving you an opportunity to experience seminary school before you graduate OWU.

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Graduate Outcomes

A.J. Barnhardt '16

A.J. Barnhardt is currently a Masters Student at the University of Chicago with a university scholarship. He says, "The Ohio Wesleyan University Religious Studies program gave me the writing and reading skills that are crucial to success in graduate school. All the professors in the program helped me tremendously to become the scholar I am today, and I can't thank them enough for fanning the flames of my passion for the study of religion."


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