Major: Ten courses consisting of SOAN 110 or SOAN 117, SOAN 111, SOAN 279, SOAN 379, SOAN 499, and five electives. Majors are recommended to take SOAN 279 by their junior year. PSYC 210, MATH 105 or MATH 230 will be accepted for credit in the major, although none may replace SOAN 279.

To be eligible for a SOAN major, a student must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA or both a 2.0 (or above) cumulative GPA and have earned a “B” in one course in the department.

A reading knowledge of a foreign language and training in statistics are strongly recommended for all majors. Mastery of these skills is especially important for students who are planning on graduate study or government service.

Independent study and apprenticeships are vital parts of the major. Every effort is made to tailor programs to individual student needs and to maintain flexibility within a framework of rigorous scholarship. All apprenticeships are graded credit/no entry. No other course counting for credit in the major may be taken credit/no entry.