Dance Major: Normally, 11 units are required, including DANC 205: Workshop in Modern Dance; DANC 215: Dance Technique II; DANC 355: Dance Technique III; DANC 305: Dance History; DANC 265: Studio Topics; DANC 315: Composition/Choreography I. In addition to dance classes, the following theatre courses are taken: THEA 210: Beginning Acting or DANC 220: Movement; THEA 126: Introduction to Technical Theatre; THEA 381: Theories of Performance or THEA 256: Elements of Design. Lastly, one unit of Practicum credit from either DANC 225: Dance Practicum or DANC 345: Advanced Dance Practicum, and at least one credit for a capstone experience, which may be earned inside or outside the department.

Majors should be involved in a theatre or dance production every semester.

All senior Theatre and Dance majors must complete a capstone experience for credit. This credit can be earned under THEA 407 - THEA 497 (Senior Production Projects), THEA 490, THEA 491, THEA 495, DANC 445, or through internships, student teaching, or off-campus study. Students pursuing any off-campus internships must be approved by the department before applying.

To qualify as a candidate for Phi Beta Kappa, students choosing the Theatre or Dance degress must complete all additional distribution requirements.