The two biological science departments cooperate to deliver different major and minor options. Courses taught by faculty in Botany and Microbiology are designated with a BOMI prefix, courses taught by faculty in Zoology are designated with a ZOOL prefix, and courses taught by faculty from both departments are designated with a BIOL prefix.

General Zoology Sequence: BIOL 120, BIOL 122, and ZOOL 261 or BIOL 271; CHEM 110 and CHEM 111; six zoology courses (one from each of the following three groups and any other three chosen in consultation with the faculty advisor); (a) ZOOL 325, ZOOL 333, ZOOL 335, ZOOL 351, ZOOL 356; (b) ZOOL 311, ZOOL 313, ZOOL 345, ZOOL 361; (c) ZOOL 331, ZOOL 341, ZOOL 343, ZOOL 347; and three additional courses in the natural sciences or math or computer science. Also recommended are MATH 105, MATH 230, or PSYC 210.

Pre-Professional Zoology Sequence: BIOL 120 and BIOL 122 and four full- unit zoology courses, including one from each of the following three groups: (a) ZOOL 261, ZOOL 271; (b) ZOOL 311, ZOOL 313, ZOOL 331, ZOOL 341, ZOOL 343, ZOOL 345, ZOOL 347, ZOOL 349, ZOOL 353, ZOOL 361; (c) ZOOL 325, ZOOL 333, ZOOL 335, ZOOL 351 & ZOOL 356. Also required are CHEM 110, CHEM 111, CHEM 260, CHEM 261; MATH 110, MATH 111 or MATH 230; and PHYS 115, PHYS 116 or PHYS 110, PHYS 111; and one additional science or math or computer science course. Students are urged to consult with their advisors as to which of the recommended courses will be most appropriate to their particular interests and plans. This major will satisfy the minimum entrance requirements of almost all graduate departments of biological science. Most health professions schools (e.g., medical, dental, or veterinary) would also require a semester of biochemistry.