Requires a minimum of seven courses plus six language courses.

Language: Minimum of six semesters of college study in a language appropriate to the country chosen for study abroad. At present, courses on campus are available in both Japanese and Chinese. Up to two language courses may be taken during the mandatory study abroad experience.

Other courses:

  • HIST 116, SOAN 293, plus one religion and one CMLT course from Category I below.
  • Three additional elective courses, of which at least two must be upper level. At least two must be drawn from Category I. The remainder may be chosen from either Category II or an Independent Study course related to East Asia. With approval from the Director, credit in the major will be awarded for courses focusing on East Asia taken during study abroad.
  • A research-based paper Senior Thesis written as an independent study project or as an extension of a course requirement. The thesis, generally about 30 pages, must be approved in advance by the EAS Director. If written as part of a regular course, the EAS Director will judge its adequacy for the Senior Thesis credit, but the grade will be assigned by the course instructor.
  • Students pursuing a minor in Chinese must take at least one of the following courses as part of their East Asian Studies major: ECON/EMAN 345, HIST 325, CMLT 320, or REL 346.

Study abroad: Participation in an approved study abroad program in East Asia (either a semester/year abroad or substantial summer program). Pre-approved abroad programs offered through the Off-Campus Programs office are preferred, but other programs are possible with advanced approval by the EAS Program Director.