To maintain the many costs associated with running our program, the Marching Bishops have been encouraged to institute a student participation fee. Practically all college marching bands require a participation fee of at least $100 per year, but after much consultation with staff and students, the financial responsibilities associated with membership in the 2021 Marching Bishops will include: 

A.) $25 student participation fee due at band camp (cash or check) to cover the purchase of a customized polo shirt, one pair of black marching gloves for the formal uniform, and one professional cleaning service for your formal uniform at the end of the season. 

B.) Students are required to provide these personal uniform accessories: 

  • Winds, Percussion, and Drum Major: 
    • Any black marching shoe with laces such as Vanguards, Vipers, or MTX to be used with both the summer and formal uniform. See the Banding Together website for options. (estimated cost = $30) 
    • Any blank black t-shirt (or black OWU-themed t-shirt) to be worn out of sight under the formal uniform.  
    • Black socks to be used with both the summer and formal uniform.

  • Color Guard: A specific list of required items will be provided by the CG instructor including black jazz shoes, black under armor, makeup (eye shadow and lipstick), hair ties in the shade of your hair color, tall black socks, and black leggings.

  • All Marching Bishops
    • Black slacks to be used at all outdoor performances involving our summer uniform. All pants must be regular length. Do not use sweat pants or jeans! We recommend dry wicking, wrinkle-free, synthetic material blend chinos like this for men or women, or their equivalent. (estimated cost = $25)
    • 2021 only: If the arrival of our formal uniform does not arrive before cool weather sets in, a black, long-sleeve, collarless top may be worn underneath the summer uniform polo (like this).

All issued and personal accessories are yours to keep. If you already own any of the gear in the required list, you do not need to replace these items, provided your accessories are still in good condition. If you’re unsure if your equipment is performance worthy, check with your section leader.

The Summer Uniform for all members consists of a red customized polo shirt, black slacks, Marching Bishops cap, black socks, and your black marching shoes. The customized polo shirt will also be used in the basketball pep band.

A Marching Bishops cap will be provided free of charge to all new members in 2021 to be used with their Summer Uniform only. Any returning members who have lost or damaged their previously issued Marching Bishops cap will need to replace it for an extra $20 added to their participation fee due at band camp. If you need to replace your cap, please contact ASAP.

A variety of Dinkle Vanguard marching shoes will be available on August 11 at band camp for anyone who needs to size out a new pair of this make/model shoe. A bulk rush order of Vanguard shoes will be placed immediately to arrive in time for our first performance.

Please review the price list and plan your finances accordingly. No money will be collected until band camp. If finances are an issue, please email Dr. Edwards so that a payment plan can be arranged. There are several options to help students financially and no student should withdraw from band due to money.