Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health complete courses in a wide variety of academic disciplines to ensure they are well-prepared for work that focuses on promoting wellness and preventing disease.

Major Requirements

Core (7 units)*

  • HHK 114 - Personal Health
  • NUTR 100.2 - Introduction to Nutrition
  • PSYCH 210, MATH 105, or MATH 200.3
  • PUBH 200.1 - Epidemiology (Psych 210, MATH 105, or MATH 200.3 pre-requisite)
    (Note: Course awaiting final approval)
  • Perspectives on Public / Global Health course (choose 2)
    • BWS 201.1: Comparing Medical Professions Cross-Nationally**
    • BWS 300.11: Race, Ethnicity, and Health**
    • COMM 300.10: Health Communication**
    • SOAN 347: Health, Culture, and Society**
    • PSYC 326: Public Health - Psychological, Behavioral, and Social Issues
  • HHK / PUBH 498 - Public Health - OWU Connection Sequence I (0.5 units)
    (Note: Course awaiting final approval)
    • In this course, students will conduct background research on their OWU Connection experience, propose an OWU Connection experience with goals, objectives, and deliverables (internship, service project, research project, or global experience), develop professional materials and skills to support their professional development, and learn from those in sequence II about how to best prepare and execute those experiences
  • HHK / PUBH 499 - Public Health - OWU Connection Sequence II (0.5 units)
    (Note: Course awaiting final approval)
    • In this course, students will mentor students in sequence I toward their OWU Connection experience, as well as develop a presentation, poster, or other deliverable for the OWU Connection Conference

Community Health & Health Behavior (2 units)

  • HHK 300.8 & HHK 300.9 (pre-req: HHK 114)
    • Health Program Planning (0.5 units)
    • Health Instructional Strategies (0.5 units)
  • HHK 347: Qualitative Inquiry
  • NUTR 300.10: Lifespan Nutrition
  • PSYC 262: Health Psychology (pre-req: PSYC 110)

Global & Population Health (2 units)

  • BWS 300.5: African Medical Systems
  • ECON 282: Global Poverty (Pre-Req: ECON 110)
  • NUTR 200.3: Food, Culture, and Society
  • NUTR 300.12: Global Food Systems
  • SOAN (TBD): Social Science and Reproduction (yet to be proposed)
    (Note: Course awaiting final approval)
  • SOAN 349: Gender & the Body

Supporting Coursework (1 unit)

One additional unit of supporting coursework** aligned with the student’s interests and approved by the director of the Public Health program.

* No more than 5.25 units of credit from this major can overlap with any other major.
**If this course is taken as a core “Perspectives” course, it cannot count as a Supporting Course elective.

Program Contact Info


Edwards Gymnasium Room 107D
Ohio Wesleyan University
Delaware, OH 43015
P 740-368-3768

Program Director

Christopher Fink
Associate Professor of Health and Human Kinetics