Urban Studies

URB 250. Human Values and the Urban Process (Staff)
An interdisciplinary orientation to the challenges of cities from a liberal arts perspective. Topics include urban structure, history, land use, planning, imageability, and future alternatives as they reflect human values. Classes include field experience, simulations, media presentations, lectures, and visiting practitioners, built on a discussion base. A major research project is completed by each student. There are no prerequisites. The course is designed as an introduction for urban studies majors and the general student. S.

URB 490. Independent Study (Staff)

URB 491. Directed Readings (Staff)

URB 495. Apprenticeship (Staff)

URB 499. Seminar (Staff)
Reading and research on selected topics of issue in urban studies. Open only to senior majors in urban studies or by permission of instructor. (GEOG 380 may substitute for this course; see listings in Geography.)