Linda A. Earle

Executive Director, N.Y. Arts Program

212 563-0255

New York Arts Program
Room 1

Kathy June Earls

Administrative Assistant to Vice President, University Advancement

University Advancement

740 368-3312

Mowry Alumni Center
Room 106

David Lamont Eastman

Associate Professor of Religion

More Information

740 368-3822

Phillips Hall
Room 117

Shawnda L. Eastman

Contract Employee

740 368-3163

Stuyvesant Hall
Room 111

Kim F. Eckart

Administrative Assistant to Vice President, Finance/Administration

740 368-3352

University Hall
Room 16

Debra W. Edwards

Onsite Supervisor, Columbus Initiative

Hamilton-Williams Campus Center
Room 407

Richard Douglas Edwards

Associate Professor of Music

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740 368-3721

Sanborn Hall
Room 204

Megan R. Ellis

Administrative Director of Woltemade Center

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740 368-3565

R.W. Corns
Room 214

Reecie A. Elsasser


740 368-3939

University Hall
Room 23

Ben Randall Emch

Director of Budget and Accounting Systems

740 368-3371

University Hall
Room 18

Erin Marie England

Social Media Producer

740 368-3339

4 Williams Dr

John W. English


Ellen E. Erikson

Associate Director of Admission

More Information

740 368-3019

Slocum Hall
Room 111

Stacie L. Ernst

Administrative Assistant, Woltemade Center

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740 368-3545

R.W. Corns
Room 229

Michael V. Esler

Professor of Politics and Government

More Information

740 368-3777

Elliott Hall
Room 301

Lin Jiang Evans

Part-Time Assistant Professor in Modern Foreign Languages

University Hall

Donald S. Ewell, Jr.


Paula Dare Eyerman

Assistant Director Advancement Svcs, Data Management

University Advancement

740 368-3318

Mowry Alumni Center


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