Edward Kahn

Professor of Theatre and Dance

More Information

740 368-3844

Chappelear Drama Center
Room 111

Melanie Tracy Kalb

Director of Purchasing

740 368-3377

University Hall
Room 025

Natalie Frances Kalista

Supervisor, HWCC Kitchen

740 368-3458

Hamilton-Williams Campus Center

Mariko Kaneda-Niwa

Lecturer in Music

More Information

740 368-3713

Sanborn Hall
Room 207

Amy Jeannine Kaple

Assistant Director of Financial Aid

740 368-3056

Slocum Hall
Room 246

Chris Kasson

Part-Time Instructor in Journalism

Drew Steven Kaszubski

Assistant Men's Soccer Coach

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740 368-3726

Edwards Gymnasium

Jun Kawabe

Lecturer in Modern Foreign Languages

740 368-3692

University Hall

Sean I. Kay

Professor of Politics and Government

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740 368-3866

Elliott Hall
Room 201

Wendi Kay

Academic Secretary

740 368-3982

Simpson Querry
Room 03

Jason J. Keefer

Instructor in Music

Joshua C. Keefer

Production Cook, HWCC Kitchen

740 368-3458

Hamilton-Williams Campus Center

Michele Ranee Keefer

Contract Employee

740 368-3458

Hamilton-Williams Campus Center
Room 029

Trey Scott Keeley

Offensive Coordinator and Associate Head Coach

More Information

740 368-2739

Edwards Gymnasium
Room 119

Kris D. Keith

Part-Time Instructor in Music

Catherine Anne Keller


Hannah R. Kelly


Pat A. Kelly

Senior Associate Director of Admission

More Information

740 368-3049

Slocum Hall
Room 109

Scott Allen Kelly

Assistant Professor of Zoology

More Information

740 368-3882

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 346

Dorota Urszula Kendrick

Assistant Director, International Off Campus Prgms.

740 368-3071

Hamilton-Williams Campus Center
Room 215

Leann S. Kendzerski

Associate Director Admission and Financial Aid

740 368-3055

Slocum Hall
Room 249

Conrad A. Kent


Jill A. Kerins

Print Services & Mailroom Supervisor


740 368-3379

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 185

Cynthia L. Kerr

Part-Time Instructor in Fine Arts

740 368-3600

Edgar Hall

Nancy L. Knop

Professor of Physical Education

Chadwyn Knutson

Technical Director/Part-Time Instructor

740 368-3850

Chappelear Drama Center
Room 120

Dave J. Kommer

Assistant Professor of Education

Will Eugene Kopp

Chief Communications Officer

740 368-3108

4 Williams Dr
Room 3

Paul E. Kostyu

Associate Professor of Journalism

More Information

740 368-3517

Phillips Hall
Room 106

James W. Krehbiel

Professor of Fine Arts

More Information

740 368-3604

Edgar Hall
Room 208

Justin R. Kronewetter

Director of Ross Art Museum

Richard M. Ross Art Museum

John B. Krygier

Professor of Geology-Geography

More Information

740 368-3622

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Room 206

Joette E. Kugler

Academic Secretary

740 368-3555

Phillips Hall
Room 214

Arvind Kumar

Research Scholar

Matt R. Kurk

Major Gift Officer

University Advancement

740 368-3922

Mowry Alumni Center
Room 200


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