Students can earn Honors in any course, with permission of the instructor. Some courses may have an already described and built-in option to earn Honors in Course. In other courses where there is not a built-in honors option, a student can work with a faculty member to develop an individualized plan to achieve Honors in Course. This option works particularly well for a specialized upper level course in the student’s area of interest. Pursuing Honors in Course may also be a good opportunity for a student to explore an idea that could develop into their semester-long Honors Independent Research or Creative Project.

To earn Honors in Course, a student will be expected to complete additional work or a creative project that requires repeated effort and contact with the faculty member over the course of the semester. Examples could include: extra out-of-class meetings that bring students together to discuss primary literature, reading and discussing an additional text related to the course, attendance at outside of class events with associated assignments, or conducting a mini-research project or annotated bibliography about a topic related to the course.

Honors in Course must be approved by the Honors Board by the end of the fifth week of the semester unless the course already has an approved, built-in option for earning Honors in Course as indicated in the course catalog description.

Email Dr. Amy Downing,, to inquire about the approval process to earn Honors in specific courses.