Baran Fellowship

The “Jan W. Baran and Kathryn K. Baran Endowed Fund for the Encouragement of Post Graduate Fellowships” is available for Honors students who have plans to go onto graduate school, thanks to a generous donation by Ohio Wesleyan University alumni Jan W. Baran ’70 and his wife Kathryn Baran.

Having benefited from strong mentorship at Ohio Wesleyan University, Jan W. Baran wanted to create a fund to help support and encourage students to engage in educational experiences that will better prepare them for education at the next level after they graduate from Ohio Wesleyan University. Such experiences can be, but are not limited to, a travel learning opportunity or individualized research or study connecting theory to practice that would add to the student’s Ohio Wesleyan education and strengthen a student’s candidacy for post-graduate fellowships.


  • Must be an Honors student identified by the Provost’s Office or Office of Academic Affairs as someone who has a high probability of success in a post-graduate fellowship competition.
  • Must make a good faith commitment to apply for post-graduate fellowships.
  • Because Natural Science students have similar opportunities through the Summer Science Research Program, the Baran Fellowship is only available to students outside the Natural Sciences. Humanities, Fine Arts, and Social Science students are welcome to apply.

Application Requirements

  • Statement of Purpose
    • Write 3-5 pages on how you would use the Baran Fellowship, and how this fulfills the
      objectives of the Fellowship.
      • What are your graduate study plans?
      • What postgraduate fellowships do you think you would apply for in your senior year?
      • How will the experience you seek to fund through a Baran Fellowship make you a stronger candidate for a post-graduate fellowship?
      • Note GPA, both general and in a major, if you have declared a major.
      • When you return to campus, how will you share your experience with the Honors Program?
  • Budget
    • Include cost of program or educational experience.
    • What other sources of funding are you applying for?
    • How will you pay for the experience if the Baran Fellowship cannot support it 100%?
  • One (1) Letter of Recommendation from a faculty member who can talk about your work
    as a student.

Deadline: March 23, 2018