Dr. Robert Haring-Kaye
Department of Physics and Astronomy

REU Program Principal Investigator

Ph.D., Florida State University

Specialty: Experimental nuclear physics. Teaches courses on introductory physics, advanced physics laboratory, and electronics.

Research Interests: High-spin nuclear structure studies via gamma-ray spectroscopy.

Project Title: Search for Exotic Shapes in the “Wild West” of the Nuclear Landscape

Dr. Robert O. Harmon
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Ph.D., University of Chicago

Specialty: Computational and observational astrophysics. Teaches courses on astronomy, astrophysics, and physics.

Research Interests: Photometry, stellar surface imaging, inverse theory.

Project Title: Stellar Surface Imaging via Light Curve Inversion (LI)

Dr. Craig Jackson
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

REU Program Co-Principal Investigator (2018)

Ph.D., University of Chicago

Project Titles: Analysis of Climate Feedbacks and Theoretical Notions of Ecological Stability and Their Relation to Temporal Variability

Dr. Scott Linder
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Specialty: Statistics and the analysis of data subject to censoring. Teaches primarily statistics courses (mathematical and applied), probability, calculus and other mathematics courses.

Project Title: Sampling Distribution of Regression Statistics with Data Subjected to Type II Censoring

Dr. Sean McCulloch
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Ph.D., The University of Virginia

Specialty: Algorithm design for graph theory, computational geometry, and design automation for computer chips. Teaches courses in computer science.

Project Title: Artificial Intelligence for Modern Board Games

Dr. Pamela B. Pyzza
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Neuroscience Program

Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Specialty: Computational Neuroscience

Research Interests: Modeling neuronal networks with computational neuron models and analyzing the network dynamics through firing-rate population models.

Project Titles: Modeling the Spread of and Vaccination Against a Disease Through a Network

Kail Secrest
Physics and Astronomy Technician

A.A., Columbus State University

Specialty: Electronics. Maintains department laboratory apparatus, and sets up experiments in teaching labs.