Dr. Robert Haring-Kaye
Department of Physics and Astronomy

REU Program Principal Investigator

Ph.D., Florida State University

Specialty: Experimental nuclear physics. Teaches courses on introductory physics, advanced physics laboratory, and electronics.

Research Interests: High-spin nuclear structure studies via gamma-ray spectroscopy.

Project Title: Search for Exotic Shapes in the “Wild West” of the Nuclear Landscape

Dr. Robert O. Harmon
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Ph.D., University of Chicago

Specialty: Computational and observational astrophysics. Teaches courses on astronomy, astrophysics, and physics.

Research Interests: Photometry, stellar surface imaging, inverse theory.

Project Title: Stellar Surface Imaging via Light Curve Inversion (LI)

Dr. Craig Jackson
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

REU Program Co-Principal Investigator

Ph.D., University of Chicago

Project Titles: Analysis of Climate Feedbacks

Dr. Scott Linder
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Specialty: Statistics and the analysis of data subject to censoring. Teaches primarily statistics courses (mathematical and applied), probability, calculus and other mathematics courses.

Project Title: Sampling Distribution of Regression Statistics with Data Subjected to Type II Censoring

Dr. Sean McCulloch
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Ph.D., The University of Virginia

Specialty: Algorithm design for graph theory, computational geometry, and design automation for computer chips. Teaches courses in computer science.

Project Title: Artificial Intelligence for Modern Board Games

Dr. Pamela B. Pyzza
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Neuroscience Program

Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Specialty: Computational Neuroscience

Research Interests: Modeling neuronal networks with computational neuron models and analyzing the network dynamics through firing-rate population models.

Project Titles: How the Anti-Vax Movement is Influencing World Health: A Mathematical Model

Kail Secrest
Physics and Astronomy Technician

A.A., Columbus State University

Specialty: Electronics. Maintains department laboratory apparatus, and sets up experiments in teaching labs.