Savannah Gowen
Chin Lung Tan

Savannah and Chin Lung both worked with Dr. Robert Haring-Kaye on studies of nuclear structure in the mass 70 region of the nuclear landscape. Savannah came to us from Mount Holyoke College, and Chin Lung was an OWU student working under the Summer Science Research Program.

Khanh Le
Colton Piper

Khanh and Colton both worked with Dr. Craig Jackson. Khanh studied braid groups and was an OWU student funded by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, while Colton studied climate feedback processes and came to us from Plymouth State University.

Robel Geda
Brandi Henry
Mark Chalmers
Viesulas Sliupas

Robel, Brandi, Mark, and Viesulas all worked with Dr. Bob Harmon, studying starspots on LO Pegasi. Robel came to us from Rutgers University, while Brandi came from Eastern University. Mark and Viesulas are both Ohio Wesleyan students, and were associated with OWU's Summer Science Research Program.

Kate Holman
Eugene Lim

Kate and Eugene worked with Dr. Chris Fink studying the role played in epilepsy by synchronization in neuronal networks. Kate came to us from Towson University, while Eugene was an OWU student participating in the Summer Science Research Program.

Tom Dobrow
Gabriella Silva

Tom worked with Dr. Sean McCulloch on aritificial intelligence for the board game Battle Line and came to us from Middlebury College. Gabriella worked with Dr. Scott Linder on the statistics of data subject to Type II censoring and came to us from Connecticut College.