Researchers With Dr. Robert Harmon

Amanda Jewell
Ohio Wesleyan University

Brooke Kimsey-Miller
Indiana University

Amanda and Brooke researched Starspots on LO Pegasi.

Researchers With Dr. Robert Haring-Kaye

Amelia Doetsch
Wayne State University

Michael Heeschen

Ohio Wesleyan University

Bojana Ivanic
University of Texas, Dallas

Amelia, Michael, and Bojana all studied the structure properties of atomic nuclei in the "Wild West" region of the nuclear landscape.  In particular, the 73As (Amelia), 70Ga (Michael), and 74As (Bojana) isotopes were investigated using the methods of gamma-ray spectroscopy.

Researchers With Dr. Craig Jackson

Chace Covington
Francis Marion University

Carina DiChello

Salve Regina University

Chace worked on a project titled Theoretical Notions of Ecological Stability and Their Relation to Temporal Variability. Carina's research topic was Analysis of Climate Feedbacks.

Researcher with Dr. Scott Linder

James Konoske
Point Loma Nazarene University

James investigated Inference for Correlation When Data are Subjected to Type II Censoring.

Researchers With Dr. Sean McCulloch

Mira Jacobs
Syracuse University

Eugene Kramskoi
Ohio Wesleyan University

Mira and Eugene explored Artificial Intelligence for the Board Game Pandemic.