The Bishop Herbert Welch Meritorious Teaching Award was established in 1962-63 by the New York Alumni Association for the purpose of recognizing outstanding teachers at Ohio Wesleyan University. All full-time teaching faculty members on regular appointment are eligible to be nominated. The basis for selection is to be distinguished service in teaching which has made significant contribution to the academic climate at Ohio Wesleyan University. Bishop Herbert Welch was the fifth president of Ohio Wesleyan University and served as the president of Association of Ohio College Presidents and Deans from 1907-1908. This award is named in honor of his commitment to education and support of faculty.

Bishop Herbert Welch Meritorious Teaching Award Winners

Year Professor Department
Kristina Bogdanov Fine Arts
Amy Downing Zoology
2020 Barbara S. Andereck Physics and Astronomy 
Lynette Carpenter English
Jeffrey L. Nunemacher Mathematics and Computer Science
2017 Bradley R. Trees Physics and Astronomy
2016 Julide Yazar Economics
2015 David M. Johnson Botany Microbiology
2014 Paula White Education
2013 Richard L. Leavy Psychology
2012 Michael W. Flamm History
2011 Bonnie Milne Gardner Theatre and Dance
2010 Joseph F. Musser English
2009 Richard F. Spall History
2008 Ali Akbar Mahdi Sociology and Anthropology
2007 Marty J. Kalb Fine Arts
2006 Edward H. Burtt Zoology
2005 Connie S. Zitlow Education
2004 Robert R. Griffith Music
2003 Kim G. Dolgin Psychology
2002 Robert D. Nims Music
2001 Robert J. Flanagan English
2000 Sandra N. Harper Modern Foreign Languages
1999 Robert J. Gitter Economics
1998 Amy C. McClure Education
1997 Harvey R. Freeman Psychology
1996 Bernard G. Murchland Philosophy
1995 D. Craig Ramsay Politics and Government
1994 David O. Robbins Psychology
1993 Conrad A. Kent Modern Foreign Languages
1992 David Osborne English
1991 Louise S. Musser Education
1990 Dennis C. Radabaugh Zoology
1989 Lyman Leathers English and Humanities-Classics
1988 Jane M. Decker Botany and Microbiology
1987 Robert C. Lawrence Music
1986 Wendell K. Patton Zoology
1985 James W. Biehl Humanities-Classics
1984 Jan T. Hallenbeck History
1983 William C. Louthan Politics and Government
1982 Robert R. Crosby Theatre
1981 Robert E. Shanklin Geology-Geography
1980 Willis R. Olson Music
1979 Mildred Newcomb English
1978 L. Thomas Dillman Physics
1977 Elwood B. Shirling Botany and Bacteriology
1976 Anne E. Fry Zoology
1975 Richard W. Smith History
1974 Jarvis A. Stewart Fine Arts
1973 William Stull Zoology
1972 Verne Edwards Journalism
1971 Libuse Reed English
1970 Harry Bahrick Psychology
1969 Ruth Davies English
1968 Norman Leonard Economics
1967 John Chase Zoology
1966 George Burns Botany and Bacteriology
1965 Loyd Easton Philosophy
1964 David Jennings History
1963 Benjamin Spencer English

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