The Sherwood Dodge Shankland Award for Encouragement of Teachers was established in 1963-64 by William H. Ryan ’29 and Frances Shankland Ryan ’29 of Sacramento, California, to identify, encourage, and honor Ohio Wesleyan faculty members with high potential as teachers. Candidates for the award must have been full-time members of the Ohio Wesleyan teaching staff for at least three years prior to the year of selection, and have had less than ten years total experience in the teaching field. Mrs. William H. Ryan named this award in honor of her father who served as president of the Andrews Institute for Girls in Willoughby, Ohio.

Sherwood Dodge Shankland Award for Encouragement of Teachers Winners

Year Professor Department
Franchesca Nestor Politics & Government
2021 Kira Bailey Psychology
2020 Mary Anne Lewis Cusato World Languages & Cultures
Melanie Henderson Psychology
Paul S. Dean Sociology-Anthropology
2017 Christopher L. Fink Health and Human Kinetics
2016 Shala J. Hankison Zoology
2015 Kristina Bogdanov Fine Arts
2014 Ashley Biser Politics and Government
2013 Richelle D. Schrock Women’s and Gender Studies
2012 David D. Markwardt Zoology
2011 Erin Flynn Philosophy
2010 Patricia D. Ahearne-Kroll Religion
2009 Danielle R. Hamill Zoology
2008 Vicki G. DiLillo Psychology
2007 Amy L. Downing Zoology
2006 Karen M. Poremski English
2005 Robert O. Harmon Physics and Astronomy
2004 Patricia R. DeMarco English
2003 Bradley R. Trees Physics and Astronomy
2002 Nancy M. Gamso Music
2001 Alan K. Zaring Mathematics and Computer Science
2000 David M. Johnson Botany Microbiology
1999 Lynda K. Hall Psychology
1998 Elane Denny-Todd Theatre and Dance
1997 Mark P. Gingerich History
1996 Joan E. McLean Politics and Government
1995 Kim A. Lance Chemistry
1994 Barbara S. Andereck Physics and Astronomy
1993 Alice E. Simon Economics
1992 Richard F. Spall History
1991 Mary T. Howard Sociology / Anthropology
1990 Theodore F. Cohen Sociology / Anthropology
1989 Kim G. Dolgin Psychology
1988 David H. Hickcox Geology / Geography
1987 John A. Martin Physical Education
1986 Danny E. Vogt Chemistry
1985 Joann P. Harvey Economics
1984 Richard L. Leavy Psychology
1983 Richard A. Amos Chemistry
1982 Betty E. Heald Fine Arts
1981 Joseph F. Musser English
1980 David O. Robbins Psychology
1979 Richard Fusch Geology / Geography
1978 Corinne Lyman Politics and Government
1977 William C. Louthan Politics and Government
1976 James W. Biehl Humanities-Classics
1975 Jan T. Hallenbeck History
1974 Robert E. Shimp History
1973 Stephan Scholl History
1972 Violet Meek Chemistry
1971 Uwe Woltemade Economics
1970 Lyman Leathers Humanities-Classics
1969 Anna Macias History
1968 Lauren Wilson Chemistry
1967 Melvin Vulgamore Religion
1966 Gene Chenoweth Politics and Government
1965 David Osborne English
1964 Thomas Oey Chemistry

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