Explore big, complex issues--water, crime, poverty--from a myriad of perspectives. Make connections among the arts, sciences, and humanities for a deeper understanding.

In Course Connections, you’ll approach a topic or theme through a network of classes organized around that theme. These networks enable you to study a topic / problem from multiple perspectives and then integrate the information into a complex understanding of the topic. The goal? Understanding the interconnectedness of big issues.

This multi-disciplinary approach unites courses that are already part of the OWU curriculum, supplementing them with lectures, activities, discussions, and trips to bring the topic further into focus—for both students and faculty. Most Course Connections courses count toward distribution requirements, i.e., students completing a Course Connection also fulfill other requirements in the process. Students who complete a Course Connection receive a special transcript certification.

The Course Connections pages linked below offer a brief description of the networks offered at OWU, including learning goals, requirements, connected courses, and affiliated faculty.