June 22, 2019. 14 miles. Offa's Dyke, Rushock Hill, Furrow Hill, Hawthorn Hill, bracken & gorse, heathland, The Marches, Knighton.

Slate quarryGracie's Journal

Wow... today felt really long and tough. So much uphill! But when you get to the top of each hill it is so rewarding; it’s amazing to see the Welsh fields and landscapes and see how far you’ve come and how capable your mind and body are. There was a set of mountains with a radio tower type thing on top that seemed so far away in the morning, but by the end of today’s walk we were so close to the radio tower... it was a wonderful change in perspective that showed me how much progress we’d made just today.

Knighton is such a cute town with really kind townsfolk who love to talk about the things they like; for dinner I’d recommend asking a local their favorite place to eat! We did this and ended up at the Horse & Jockey, which had the best food we’ve had so far. I’d recommend the nachos. 

Advice: Make sure you have your inhaler if you have asthma... 



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