358. Spanish Grammar Carlos Cabrera

An intensive review of spoken and written Spanish. This course is designed to facilitate student progress in the literature and history courses in the program and will give special attention to the syntax, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions of Spanish. It is also designed as a continuation of the orientation period study of the Spanish language.

359. The History of Spanish Art Jesús Jiménez

A short review of Spanish art history, with special attention given to the artistic tradition of Salamanca. This class will prepare students for field trips to Castilian museums of art, architecture and sculpture. May not be counted toward the major or minor for Spanish or Fine Arts.

374. Topics in Latin-American Narrative María Angeles Pérez López

Intensive review of the Latin-American narrative, the course will follow a selection of works of the most renowned writers of the twentieth century.  Compositions and class conversations are based on selected topics such as magical realism, neo-fantasy, irony, de-mystification, and genre, among others.  Authors include Horacio Quirogo, Alfredo Byrce Echenique, Isabel Allende, Rosario Ferré, Julio Cortázar, Gabriel Garcia Márquez, Luisa Valenzuela, and Ana Maria Shua.

375. The Golden Age in Literature and Culture (Staff)

An interdisciplinary study of the literature of the Spanish Gold Age (1492-1681). Special attention will be given to the masterworks and great authors associated with Salamanca, including Lazarillo de Tormes, la Celestina, San Juan de la Cruz, Fray Luis de León and Calderón de la Barca. The aim is to provide students with an exposure to the great works and literary figures of Spain during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Presentation of literature will be made in the context of the art, architecture and music of the period.

377. Contemporary Spanish Literature María Isabel Toro Pascua

A study of Spanish literature from the Generation of 1898 to the present with special emphasis given to prose works. Readings will include the works of Unamuno, Azorín, Cela and other writers who reflect the contemporary Spanish sensibility. This course is designed to complement the course in Contemporary Spanish History.

378. Contemporary Spanish History Francisco J. Rodriguez Jiménez

The major themes of Spanish history will be presented in the context of Spanish traditions. May not be counted toward the major or minor but may be counted in the Department of History as a European history course. Also listed as HIST 366.

Spanish Film

A course designed to provide students with a brief overview of the history of Spanish film and an in-depth analysis of fragments of representative Spanish films.