María Ángeles Pérez López

María Ángeles Pérez López is the current resident director of our program in Salamanca.  Her responsibilities include placing students with host families, coordinating the orientation period during the first two weeks in Spain and arranging extracurricular activities.  She is also a poet, a faculty member of the University of Salamanca, and she teaches our course on Latin American Literature.

Miguel Angel Casado Hernandez

Miguel Angel Casado Hernandez is Mariángeles' husband and has been assisting her with her responsibilities of running the Ohio Wesleyan program in Salamanca since 2005.  Due to his considerable experience with business and administration, Miguel is in charge of all logistical, practical and legal elements of the program.  He is also the first person that students can/should contact if they have any questions or encounter any problems.  In addition to his administrative duties, Miguel usually takes the students on a short (weekend) excursion to Madrid and other surrounding cities during the month of October.