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ENG 258: Shakespeare and Moliere

Instructor: Dr. Long

Travel Component: England and France

Dates: May 2022 (8-10 days) 

Student Cost: approx. $2000

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This course will explore the lives, times, and works of two of the most important playwrights of the early modern period, Shakespeare and Moliere. Although they were born in different countries and circumstances, the careers of these two theatre professionals mirror each other in fascinating ways. By retracing Shakespeare’s and Moliere’s parallel lives as actors, playwrights, and theatre entrepreneurs, we will come to appreciate what makes each an exemplary figure for their times and places as well as irreducibly unique. (Note: Moliere’s plays will be taught in English translation.)


Capabilities Statement: Students will be expected to walk moderate distances on sometimes uneven terrain, including during walking tours and through museums and airports. Students will be expected to carry their own luggage. Students with disabilities are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Long to see if accommodations can be made.

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