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Proposed Project

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If there are any co-applicants for this proposed project, please ensure that they fill out the Theory-to-Practice Grant Co-Applicant form.

Proposed Project

Attach your Theory-to-Practice Grant Proposal. This proposal must include:

Part 1 – Project Objectives (not to exceed 125 words): Describe the main objectives and/or outcomes for the proposed project.

Part 2 – Description (not to exceed 500 words): Provide a complete description of the project including all planned activities and itineraries or timelines. Describe how the proposed project furthers the aims of the University and the Theory-to-Practice Grant Program. Make sure to articulate the theory that you plan to address in the project. Please see the Guidelines & Instruction for Submission for further direction.

Part 3 – Evaluation, Assessment and Sharing (not to exceed 125 words): Describe how, if funded, the project will be evaluated after its completion to assess how the three main objectives and/or outcomes have been met. Additionally, explain how you will share your findings with others.

Part 4 – Personal Statement (not to exceed 500 words): Address the following questions:

Why is the proposed project important to you? In other words, what motivates you to undertake the project?

How are you prepared to complete the project? This preparation and experience may include completed or in-progress coursework, research, co-curricular activities, creative endeavors, practical experiences, or other academic or scholarly work.

Note: A personal statement is required of all applicants. Co-applicants should use the Theory-to-Practice Grant Co-Applicant form to submit their personal statement.

Attach a carefully researched and detailed, itemized budget that includes all expenditures that will be needed to complete the proposed project.

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