UC 160 is the front door to The OWU Connection. In this course, first-year students plot their four-year connection path.

At OWU, your connection with the University starts with a small credit (.25) class that paysUC 160 Class big dividends in what you take away from here.

Limited to 16 students per section, UC 160: The OWU Experience, is an interdisciplinary course designed to connect new students to Ohio Wesleyan, this diverse intellectual community, and the ethos of a liberal arts education.

UC 160 actually begins before you arrive on campus. Over the summer, you’ll be asked to complete a brief reading and writing assignment that will get you thinking about the kind—and the value—of education that awaits you. This assignment sets the stage for fall semester when you’ll meet weekly to discuss a course text or theme selected by your instructor.

Because there’s a unique mix of students in each UC 160 class, no two sections will be exactly the same. However, you’ll find common curricular elements across the sections:

  • Goals of a liberal arts education
  • Introduction to the OWU Plan
  • Introduction to campus resources
  • Diversity and community
  • Course selection and registration
  • Panel sessions with upper-class students
  • Service Learning project
  • At least one academic and non-academic event
  • Short, reflective writing assignments (4-6)

UC 160 instructors come from varied academic disciplines and college offices, but each is dedicated to helping launch you on a successful college experience and a lifetime of making connections.



Dr. Lynda Hall
University Hall 104
Delaware, Ohio 43015
P 740-368-3810
E lkhall@owu.edu