UC 160 is the front door to The OWU Connection. In this course, first-year students plot their four-year connection path.

At OWU, your connection with the University starts with a small credit (.25) class that paysUC 160 Class big dividends in what you take away from here.

Limited to 16 students per section, UC 160: The OWU Experience, is an interdisciplinary course designed to connect new students to Ohio Wesleyan, this diverse intellectual community, and the ethos of a liberal arts education.

Because there’s a unique mix of students in each UC 160 class, no two sections will be exactly the same. However, you’ll find common curricular elements across the sections:

  • Goals of a liberal arts education
  • Introduction to the OWU Connection
  • Introduction to campus resources
  • Diversity and community
  • Course selection and registration
  • Panel sessions with upper-class students
  • Service Learning project
  • At least one academic and non-academic event
  • Short, reflective writing assignments (4-6)

UC 160 instructors come from varied academic disciplines and college offices, but each is dedicated to helping launch you on a successful college experience and a lifetime of making connections.



Dr. Lynda Hall
University Hall 104
Delaware, Ohio 43015
P 740-368-3810
E lkhall@owu.edu