Courses offered for Fall Semester 2016 

*GEOL 300.1 -- Field Seminar in Geology: Geology and Cultural History of the Death Valley Region.  Traveling to California and Nevada over the Winter Break.  Dr. Bart Martin and Dr. Karen Fryer.  

*MUSP 014 / MUSP 001 -- Choral Music of Central Italy and the Vatican. Traveling to Italy over the Winter Break.  Dr. Jason Hiester.

Courses offered for Spring Semester 2017

*ENG 228 -- Re-Placing Great Britain: Alternative Narratives of National Identity.  Traveling to the United Kingdom in May.  Dr. Nancy Comorau.

*FREN 351 -- Introduction to French Literature.  Traveling to France in May.  Dr. Ana Oancea.

*HIST 348 -- Castles and Cathedrals in the Middle Ages.  Traveling to France and Germany in May.  Dr. Ellen Arnold.

*MUS 229 -- Introduction to Electronic Music.  Traveling to France in May.  Dr. Jennifer Jolley. 

*PG 349 -- East Asian Politics.  Traveling to Korea in May.  Dr. Ji Choi.

*SPAN 300.10) -- Spanish Crime Fiction.  Traveling to Spain in May.  Dr.  Eva Paris-Huesca.  

*ZOOL 345 -- Marine Biology: Combining Field and Mathematical Approaches.  Traveling to the U.S. Virgin Islands over Spring Break.  Dr. Amy Downing and Dr. Craig Jackson.   

*ZOOL 349 -- Island Biology.  Traveling to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in May.  Dr. Tami Panhuis and Dr. Scott Kelly.