In recent weeks, the Advanced Placement Board and the International Baccalaureate program have announced that their regular exams have been canceled and/or moved online. A-level exams have also been canceled. In the OWU Catalog, we determine whether students receive credit for their work via these programs based on exam scores. The information below lays out how OWU will handle the lack of exam scores for incoming students due to COVID-19 cancellations.


The Advanced Placement Program has moved to offer a 45-minute online exam in lieu of regular AP exams. OWU will award credit based on the scores from the shortened AP exams according to our existing policy; however, we recognize that not all students will be able to take the online exam.  If a student was unable to take the exam, they should meet with the chair of the department in which they wish to receive AP credit.  

If the request is purely for a distribution requirement, chairs should be generous in allocating credit for the classes.  However, if the course serves as a prerequisite for upper-level courses, the chair will have to evaluate the student's readiness for upper-level coursework.  We have agreed to set aside time during the orientation in the Fall (assuming we are on campus) for students to work with chairs and/or do placement testing.  If the student registers for an upper-level course based on their AP coursework, we recommend that the student check-in with their instructor and advisor early in the semester to ensure that they have the preparation necessary to be successful in subsequent classes. 


The IB board has determined that they will be awarding scores based solely on IB coursework. IB scores are already based on more than just the exam, and IB courses themselves are bound by international standards that are built into the structure of the course. Therefore, we will allocate credit as usual based on the scores released by IB–even though they will not reflect the IB exam. 


Students who wish to receive credit for A-levels should contact the chair of the department/program in which they wish to receive credit. As with AP courses, the chairs will be generous for courses taken purely for distribution requirements.  However, chairs will have to assess students' readiness to go on to upper-level work if the course is to count as a prerequisite.

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