Outside scholarships offer a beneficial source of funding to help you cover your educational expenses. Many local, regional and national organizations provide scholarship and grant dollars to students pursuing their undergraduate degree.

Within each category, explore many external scholarship options for your undergraduate studies at Ohio Wesleyan. We aim to simplify the scholarship search for you by linking directly to the official scholarship website for more information. If you have questions regarding eligibility requirements, please contact the scholarship sponsor directly

Enrollment Verification

Some donors may require OWU to verify your enrollment and/or grade records. If you are awarded a scholarship, please be sure to forward any special instructions to the financial aid office so we may comply with the donor’s requirements.

Outside Scholarships & Eligibility

If you receive other financial aid awards (e.g. federal, state, or institutional grants, loans and work study), we are required to make an adjustment if the outside scholarship affects your eligibility. In such cases, we will first use the scholarships you receive to reduce your student loan and/or work study awards that are part of your aid package. If a change is made, you will receive a revised Financial Aid Award Letter reflecting your new eligibility.

Read Me! Scholarship Application Tips

Check out these tips to help your scholarship search and application process.

Helpful Tips