By the OWU Admission Team

You’ve taken your tests, and you have your scores. Now, there’s one question left: Which college admission test score(s) should you send with your college applications?

C) Both A and B
D) None of the above (Test Optional)

Test-prep gurus say you should look for the key words in standardized test questions, like “all” or “most likely.” The key word in this question is “you.”

Yes, there is a correct answer, but it will vary from person to person. The right answer for you could be any of these options. Here are our suggestions for students in different circumstances.

A) SAT or B) ACT

For almost every school you can submit either the ACT or SAT. We really don’t have a preference. We want to see the best example of your potential as a college student, so send us your best score. If you ruled the SAT but had an off day when you took the ACT, just send us your SAT score.

Here’s an important tip: If you take a test multiple times, please send us all your test results. Even if one of your scores is low, it won’t harm you. To the contrary, we will pick and choose the best scores from the different sections of the test and give you a new “superscore.”

For example, let’s say you scored a 20, 28, 30, and 27 on the four sections of the ACT. Then, the second time you took the test you scored 24, 29, 28, and 26 on the same sections. At OWU, we’d consider your superscores to be 24, 29, 30, and 27.

C) Both A and B

If you did equally well on both the SAT and ACT and you don’t mind spending an extra fee, go ahead and send in your scores from both tests. If you’ve already sent in your scores from both tests, but you didn’t do well on one of them, don’t worry about it. We – and most other schools - will ignore the lower score.

D) None of the above

A standardized test score is just one factor that schools look at when making acceptance decisions. And it’s not the most important factor.

“Test optional” has become a viable option at many of the nation’s most prestigious liberal arts colleges, including Ohio Wesleyan. We know that some exceptional students sometimes don’t perform well on standardized tests for a variety of reasons. We won’t hold that against you.

If you have a good high school grade point average (3.0 or higher at the end of your junior year), you took challenging classes, and you were active in extracurriculars, that tells us more than any single test score ever could. So, if your GPA is above 3.0, the choice is yours.

One caution about choosing test optional: Like many colleges, we do require an ACT or SAT score if you want to apply for certain scholarships or the Honors Program, but not for general admission to OWU.

Finally, if you’re not sure what to submit, call or send an email to your admission counselor. They’re happy to help you navigate this process.

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