Reprinted from The Transcript, 10/1/70

Old Senior Honor House Becomes Black Dorm Unit

For the first time in their history, the black students of Ohio Wesleyan have been granted a small living unit at 65 Oak Hill Ave. The Black House, last year's Senior Honor House, houses 13 men.

The house is totally male in keeping with an administration stipulation for the first year of the project. Last year the house was occupied by 12 senior women.

According to Reginald Sermon, Student Union on Black Awareness (SUBA) coordinator, the house hasn’t run into any room facility shortage. Some kitchen facilities are lacking but will be supplied by the University sometime within the year.

Commenting on the Black House, senior Pete Smith, 1969-70 SUBA coordinator said, “The House seems to be working beautifully as a symbol of black manhood on Wesleyan’s campus. It can only act as an instrument of self realization of our black students.”

To coordinator Sermon, “it is a start for Wesleyan.”