A Message from the Vice President for Student Engagement and Success

As we begin another academic year at Ohio Wesleyan, I am inspired by the energy my olleagues across the university have exhibited to prepare for the fall, by the excitement of students who are starting their college experience or are returning for another year, and by the dedication of alumni and friends who are participating in the life of the university in various important ways. I recently watched President Rock Jones open the new school year at Convocation by ringing (or more accurately, “clanging”) the same bell that has done so at OWU for over a century, and I am reminded of the incredible history of this institution and the part each of us has played in that storyline.

While honoring OWU’s past, we have continued to move forward on important change efforts. Our new student transition programs underwent another significant transformation this fall as we made Camp Oh-Wooo a universal experience for all incoming first-year students. Extended orientation programs like Camp Oh-Wooo are shown to have a significant impact on student retention by helping students connect more quickly to the campus community, reduce anxiety about starting college, and form important friendships from the very start. This year, we provided four camp formats (Wilderness, Challenge, Service, and City), each providing unique activities for participants but sharing the goals of forming student connections and affirming their choice to attend OWU.

Within the fraternity and sorority life community, we will be spending this year fully assessing how we are doing with this important component of campus life. Using a variety of methods, including review by an outside expert consultant, student and alumni feedback forums, and an internal review of our programs and services relative to national standards, we will determine where we are excelling and where we need additional work to provide and sustain a fraternity/sorority community marked by excellence. The Greek life experience is a valued and significant part of our overall campus environment, and where we can elevate the experience for all members, we want to do so. I look forward to sharing more about what we are learning through the effort and how you might participate.

Thank you for your continued interest in Ohio Wesleyan and for the ways you support the success of your Alma Mater!

My best,

Dwayne K. Todd
Vice President for Student Engagement and Success
Dean of Students

By the Numbers

  • 9 Greek organizations are signed up to have a mini-reunion or reunion during Homecoming & Family weekend - that's up from 3 in 2016! If you'd like to host a reunion, contact Kerrie Kirkpatrick at kakirkpatrick@owu.edu

  • 35-36% of current students are Greek! That's up from 25% ten years ago. 

Did You Know...

...Ohio Wesleyan has a long standing relationship with several National Pan-Hellenic Council member organizations? N.P.H.C promotes, supports, and represents historically African American fraternities and sororities. These organizations are non-residential, but OWU partners with other University partners to encourage membership growth. 

From Campus:

Improvements to the Greek Houses

The below repairs have been made over the summer to the OWU Greek Houses. Some of these projects were funded by the OWU Fund.

  • Sigma Phi Epsilon: New chapter room, upgrade library, treads, risers and landings in stairwells
  • Chi Phi: Foundation waterproofing, repair and paint exterior trim,
  • Alpha Sigma Phi: Roof replacement, repair/paint exterior wood trim, paint window trim
  • Phi Delta Theta: New front entry
  • Delta Tau Delta: Treads, risers and landings in stairwell. Hydration stations on 2nd and 3rd floors, replace south patio and steps
  • Phi Gamma Delta: Common area blinds, repair and paint exterior trim

The sororities received improvements from their headquarters:

  • Delta Delta Delta: Both kitchens and one of the bathrooms have been renovated and most of the furniture has been replaced. 

Get to know your fellow alumni

Read below on Greek alumni who are instrumental in supporting the OWU Greek community through volunteering after graduation. 

Julia Hatfield '06
Kappa Kappa Gamma

When Julia Hatfield began her Greek journey, she joined because of the welcoming recruitment process. Once an active member, she understood the value of leadership and service benefits to Greek Life. Julia has been able to see the progress of Greek Life on campus, first as a student and now as an OWU staff member for seven years. She's seen the investment of more staff time in supporting the Greek community and helping the community grow. Julia has also seen the enhancement of the Alumnae Panhellenic and Alumni Interfraternity Councils in supporting active members to understand their needs, bringing advisers of different chapters together to discuss common challenges and ideas, and working with OWU's administration to implement necessary changes. Julia enjoys giving back to her Alma mater by serving as an adviser to Kappa Kappa Gamma and as a member of the OWU Alumnae Panhellenic Council. Julia has spent time recruiting new advisers, organizing Kappa housing repairs, and coordinating the annual International Badge Day celebration. Julia enjoys staying connected to OWU because, "It's fun to stay connected with fellow alumni, and to give back so that today's students can enjoy the same wonderful experience I did."

Andy Warnock '06
Phi Delta Theta

Andy Warnock is a third generation Ohio Wesleyan Greek alumnus. His grandfather was an SAE and grandmother a Theta in the early 50s, his dad a FIJI and his mother a Theta in the mid-70s. “Needless to say, red and black runs deep in our family.” Andy explained. “So, too, does affiliation with Greek organizations." Seeing the bonds my parents made with their fraternity brothers and sorority sisters piqued my interest in joining.” His connection to Ohio Wesleyan stayed strong – he’s been on the Chapter Advisory Board of Phi Delta Theta for twelve years – President of the Board for nine of those years. Andy also helped to establish the annual “Phi Union” reunion event on campus for Phi Delt brothers. This year will be its 14th year.

Andy’s latest volunteer commitment is assisting with fundraising efforts for the Phi Delta Theta house. In his own words, “The fraternity houses are getting old. While we’ve done our best over the years to put lipstick on them, they are overdue for a material facelift. So, we’ve silently launched a campaign to raise at least $1.5 million to completely renovate the facility – top to bottom! The Advisory Board has already committed $200,000 to the project with asks of other alumni on the horizon. We are working with an architect and multiple contractors now to get a full plan, scope, and cost estimate assembled. I am hopeful to have a renovated house to show-off within 24 months.”

Thank you, Andy for the support you provide to active Phi Delts. 

Remembering Annley:  How a Group of TriDelts honored their sister, Ann "Annley" Campana Judge '73 . Annley tragically died on 9/11 on Flight 77.

By: Mary Ellen Hart

Annley was the president of the OWU Tri Delta house our senior year, 1972-1973. She was beloved by every member of our chapter and led us with humor and sincerity. She was very persuasive and could convince any of us to be officers, to create and perform rush skits, cook Italian dinners for fundraisers (none of us could cook), participate in charity powder puff football, basketball and volleyball games (none of us having any ability), volunteer in Delaware and raise our GPAs. Annley rewarded us with her fabulous chocolate chip cookies which she always baked in the Tri Delta kitchen. For those of us who couldn't wait for the baked cookies, we'd eat bowls of cookie dough. Annley was very proud to be a Tri Delta, proud to be our president and proud to represent us on campus and in the community. We were proud to have her as our leader and, most especially, as our dear friend and roommate.

I saw "the bench" in February of this year after attending an OWU basketball game with my husband Jim, '73. We were walking thru campus after the game when I saw it. I knew the bench was perfect for Annley since it was in the 9/11 memorial garden and faced the gardens in the academic lawn. I called my three OWU roommates: Nancy Bender Kortright, '74, Susie Green Beckler, '73 and Susan Henze Twomey, '73, to discuss dedicating the bench in Annley's memory. They were all very enthusiastic! In a short period of time, seven generous Tri Deltas donated monies to the bench and the fundraising process was complete. It was a loving tribute to Annley.

Our visit to Annley's bench in June was a very memorable experience for the four of us. It was the first time in over forty years that we had been together. We visited the Tri Delta house first. The house looked beautiful both inside and out thanks to the many sisters who have been good stewards of this lovely home. We were flooded with so many memories especially looking at all the composite pictures. At one point, we spontaneously broke into song! From the house, we went to Buns for lunch and then headed to campus. The campus looked beautiful with all the blooming flowers and seeing Annley's bench surrounded with such beauty and nostalgia was a moving experience for each of us. We sat on the bench and shared Annley memories filled with love and laughter. We celebrated Annley with many of her favorites-M&Ms, Bun's cookies, diet cola (Tab wasn't available), chocolate chip cookie dough and a bouquet of pink flowers. Her death was a terrible tragedy but the bench is a beautiful reminder of how we all met at Ohio Wesleyan, joined Tri Delta and shared our lives until 9/11/01. Now we keep Annley's legacy alive so OWU students, faculty and administration will remember Ann Campana Judge's remarkable life.