Sandie Maynard (left) nominated Rosie Bell (right) for the STAR Award Bell received at the employee service awards luncheon in January.

Rosemary “Rosie” Bell has been a star on the Ohio Wesleyan campus for 25 years, and in January her dedication was recognized with the first ever Special Thanks and Recognition (STAR) Award from the University Staff Council.

The new award honors a non-faculty employee who goes above and beyond his or her job description, offering encouragement, a positive attitude, and an efficient work ethic to the campus community. Nominees are judged by both the Staff Council and President Rock Jones.

Bell worked in the Accounting Office for most of her time at OWU, but switched to the Purchasing Department a year ago. “My favorite part of my job is the people. I’m very social,” she says.

She was nominated for the award by Sandie Maynard, whom Bell helped interview in 2006 for a position in the Office of International and Off-Campus Programs. On Maynard’s first day on the job, her tour stopped by Bell’s turf in the Accounting Office. Maynard recalls that Rosie jumped out of her chair with her arms in the air and shrieked: “You got the job! Yay!”

So began their friendship, and Maynard’s admiration of Bell’s dedication to her job, especially how she works diligently to run purchasing reports.

Not only does Bell perform her job meticulously, but she also tries to teach as much as she can, ensuring that her student workers learn filing, how to pay bills online, how to use the computer systems, and how to write journal entries of purchases.

Bell says she also tries to teach her students important workplace values. “Use your common sense. Take your time in deciding when a problem comes up and don’t panic. And don’t be afraid to ask for help!

“I still think after all this time that the caliber of student here is outstanding,” she adds. “The students we work with are so caring. They go above and beyond to learn.”

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