Andrew Busch ’07

Andrew Busch ’07, assistant professor of health and human kinetics, published “Relationship of Movement Screens with Past Shoulder or Elbow Surgeries in Collegiate Baseball Players” in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. The study assessed relationships between shoulder or elbow surgeries and Functional Movement Screen™ shoulder mobility scores or Selective Functional Movement Assessment upper extremity patterns in collegiate baseball players.

Amy Butcher

Amy Butcher, assistant professor of English, along with Martha Park ’11, published “Consolation Puppies” in the October 2018 issue of GRANTA. Butcher’s essay “Women These Days,” previously published in Brevity magazine, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, inclusion in Best American Essays 2019, and inclusion in the forthcoming Best of Brevity anthology. Butcher’s essay “Flight Path” also won the grand prize in the 2018 Sonora Review Flash Prose Contest, and her essay “Bare Necessities,” previously published in Harper’s magazine, was named a notable essay in Best American Essays 2018. Butcher’s forthcoming book Mothertrucker will be published in 2020 by Little A Books/Amazon Publishing.

Andrea Colvin

Andrea Colvin, associate professor of Spanish, published an article in a special edition of alter/nativas, the Latin American cultural studies journal published by Ohio State University. The special edition was titled “Memoria de la ficción, ficción de la memoria: entre el ritual y la crítica.” Colvin’s article offers a reading of the 2011 novel El Espíritu de Mis Padres Sigue Subiendo en la Lluvia by Argentine author Patricio Pron, a member of the post-dictatorship generation in Argentina. The piece focuses on the impact of the previous generation’s inability or reluctance to transmit their memories of the dictatorship to the second generation. Colvin’s work shows that the only way to escape the inevitable repetition of trauma is through a deliberate confrontation with the past, including working through painful memories.

Rich Edwards

Rich Edwards, associate professor of music, will serve as camp director for the Music Department’s OWU 2019 Summer Music Camp for middle school students in band, choir, and orchestra. The camp will take place July 8-12. For more information, visit

Michael Flamm

Michael Flamm, professor of history, published “The View from the Classroom” in Alan Brinkley: A Life in History (Columbia University Press, 2019).

Lee Fratantuono

Lee Fratantuono, professor of classics and William Francis Whitlock Professor of Latin, published a review of Maria Ypsilanti’s The Epigrams of Crinagoras of Mytilene: Introduction, Text, Commentary (Oxford University Press, 2018) in the Bryn Mawr Classical Review.

Frank Hobbs

Frank Hobbs, associate professor of fine arts, presented his work in a symposium on American painters in Umbria, Italy, in March. The symposium, an annual international event, was organized by the Luigi Bonazzi Cultural Association in Perugia, Italy. This year’s symposium questioned why central Italy is still a source of artistic inspiration (or is it?), the significance of place in a global artistic context, and how to grow the potentialities of cultural exchanges with the United States.

David Johnson

David Johnson, Allen Trimble Professor of Botany/Microbiology, and Nancy Murray, professor of botany-microbiology, published “A revision of Xylopia L. (Annonaceae): the species of Tropical Africa” in PhytoKeys. The article features a map made by Kathleen Vonderembse ’19 and this pen-and-ink illustration by Catherine Beach ’16. Johnson and Murray also co-authored an article titled “New Records and Rediscoveries of Plants in Singapore” in Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore with 13 other authors. Johnson and Murray co-authored an article titled “Plastid and Seed Morphology Data Support a Revised Infrageneric Classification and an African Origin of the Pantropical Genus Xylopia (Annonaceae)” in Systematic Botany with Gregory W. Stull ’10, Thomas L. P. Couvreur, Jenna E. Reeger ’14, and Caroline M. Roy ’14.

Sarah Kaka

Sarah Kaka, assistant professor of education, along with Christopher T. Dobeck ’18, published “Using Music from the Past Century as a Primary Source in the U.S. History Classroom ” in the January issue of History Matters. Kaka also presented “Social Studies Preservice Teachers’ Abilities to Create Student-Centered Environments” in November 2018 at the College and University Faculty Assembly of the National Council for Social Studies’ annual conference in Chicago.

Justin Kronewetter

Justin Kronewetter, emeritus professor of fine art, has 33 photographs on display from his “Seen with one eye” body of work as part of the juried GLCA show at Allegheny College titled “Challenging Borders: A GLCA Art Exchange.” This image was made in Granby, Colorado, in 2018. Kristina Bogdanov, associate professor of fine arts, and Jim Krehbiel, professor of fine arts, also have works included in the exhibition.

Donald Lateiner

Donald Lateiner, emeritus professor of humanities-classics, published and presented “Olfactoring Ancient Fictions: Fair and Foul Fragrances in Ancient Novels” in Re-Wiring the Ancient Novel, Vol. 1: Greek Novels (Barkhuis, 2018). He also published “Recognizing Miracles in Ancient Greek Novels,” in Recognizing Miracles in Antiquity and Beyond (de Gruyter, Berlin and Boston, 2018) and was a respondent to a lecture on “Solon the Lawgiver, Myth and Reality” for the Washington Area Mediterranean Society. Lateiner’s review of Sean Sheehan’s A Guide to Reading Herodotus’ Histories (Bloombury Academic, 2018) was published in the online reviews section of the Ancient History Bulletin.

Michele Nobel

Michele Nobel, director of the special education program and assistant professor of education, presented “‘How Do I Know if My Students Are Getting It?’ Embedding Formative Assessment Technology-Based Tools Into Your Teaching” at the 2019 Council for Exceptional Children annual conference and expo in Indianapolis in January. Nobel was also selected to be a site team visitor and annual report reviewer for the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation and trained for the position in Kansas City, Missouri, in July 2018.

Eva Paris-Huesca

Eva Paris-Huesca, assistant professor of Spanish, along with Dosinda Alvite (Denison University) and Eugenia Romero (Ohio State University), was awarded the Ohio Five Mellon Language Grant to complete the project “Representations of Gender Issues in Contemporary Spain: A Collaborative Teaching Approach” during spring semester. The project supports a one-semester team-teaching effort on contemporary literature, film, and popular culture from Spain and promotes and enriches cultural literacy at the advanced language level across three Ohio Five institutions. Paris-Huesca also recently joined the Spanish online film magazine, where she writes articles about Spanish women’s cinema. She attended the Sundance International Film Festival in January and wrote daily chronicles about the festival and film reviews of selected films. Along with Diane Marting (University of Mississippi) and Yamile Silva (University of Scranton), Paris-Huesca coordinated and edited the volume titled Agencia, Historia y Empoderamiento Femenino (Agency, History and Feminine Empowerment), which includes 22 critical studies about the works of women authors from the Spanish-speaking world.

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