Darrell Albon: 109 Merrick Hall

Darrell Albon’s “fishbowl” office on the first floor of Merrick is, in many ways, a window to the world. He has a prime view of students coming to learn more about the international and realworld opportunities of The OWU Connection and enough international mementos and thank you’s to stock two offices — which in fact, he has (The OWU Connection staff is also located on the second floor of Hamilton-Williams Campus Center). People enjoy sharing souvenirs of their travels with Albon, the director of international and off-campus programs and administrative director of The OWU Connection, in many cases the man who played a part in getting them on the plane. He also helps international students with immigration and tax issues, and they give him trinkets from home. Alumni keep in touch and send gifts, and OWU’s international partner organizations also swap knickknacks. All of which means: If it’s sitting in Albon’s office, there’s a story behind it.

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