Pedro Figueiredo ’25

Theatre and Film Studies major from Salvador, Brazil
Location: Chappelear Drama Center

Pedro Figueiredo ’25 is active and involved across campus, including work as a resident assistant and president of the Incredible Film Club, but hands-down, his OWU comfort zone is Chappelear. From the rehearsal room in the basement to the stages and backstage areas to the tech room above, this is his home. He has written and performed in one-act plays in Chappelear, served as stage manager for a production, and he performed in the musical Xanadu in spring of 2023.

A native of Salvador, Brazil, Pedro chose OWU after meeting with faculty in Theatre and Film Studies. “When I met with the faculty, I felt like it was really personalized here,” he says.


This spring, he’s been busy on campus making his first movie, and long-term, he hopes to work in the film industry as a screenwriter, director, and producer.

(Photo by Paul Vernon)

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