OWjL Financial Aid Application Form

The OWjL Program is fortunate to be able to offer financial assistance to help offset camp costs through the generous contributions of foundations, organizations, community groups, and individuals. Student scholarships are based upon demonstrated financial need and typically range from 20-100 percent of the camp fee ($650 for 2018). First consideration for scholarship support will be given to new applicants; however, financial aid recipients from previous years are eligible to reapply. We use the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Guidelines to determine eligibility.

If financial aid is necessary to enable your child to participate in the program, please complete and submit this form. The required documents noted below must be mailed or emailed in to our office by the Deadline of March 1. Applications for financial assistance cannot be processed without this information. All financial information provided will be treated confidentially. Applications and required documents need to be in the OWjL Office by March 1, 2018.

Students who receive financial aid will be expected to send a thank-you note to their sponsor during camp describing their experiences.

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Student Information
* Full Name:
* Gender:
* Current Grade in School:
* School Name:

Parent/Guardian Information
* Parent/Guardian Name:
* Parent/Guardian Email Address:
* Parent/Guardian Home Phone:
* Parent/Guardian Work Phone:
* Parent/Guardian Cellphone:
* Preferred person to contact for possible questions regarding this form:

OWjL Camp Information
* Session of camp applied for:
* Has this student previously attended OWjL?
* Has this student previously received financial aid?
If “yes”, how much financial aid was received in:

Income Information
* Is either parent self-employed?
If “yes”, please mail or email a copy of Schedule C Form to us.
* Did you file a 2016 federal tax return during 2017?
If “Yes,” what is your Federal Adjusted Gross Income?
If “Yes,” you MUST mail or email a copy of Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ to us.
If “No,” you MUST enclose a copy of one of the following:
  1. Verification Letter for Free and Reduced-Price School Meals
  2. Social Security (Disability, SSI, and Award Letter)
  3. Other Governmental assistance award letter
  4. Other evidence of any and all income received by parents of the child
  5. Metro/HUD/housing subsidy application and award letter
* Do you receive any non-taxable income?
(examples: child support, welfare benefits, WIC, SNAP, OWF, etc.)
If “yes”, please indicate:

Household Information
* The income information reported above is for:
If “Guardian/other,” please explain:
* The total size of the parent’s household during 2018:
(This should include people who are dependent upon the parents/guardians and who live with and receive more than half of their support.)
* Number of children from your household needing financial assistance for OWjL this summer:
* Please indicate the amount of financial aid requested:
Please state any unusual or special financial circumstances that you believe OWjL should know about when evaluating this application:

If you have any questions about the OWjL Program, please contact the OWjL Office Manager (Eve Helenberger) at 740-368-3939, the OWjL Director (Susan Paxton) at 740-368-3956, or email owjl@owu.edu.