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[December 2013]
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Turning the Corner 

As the end of the semester comes closer and exams begin, it is important not to let your organization lose sight of its goals or lose its steam. Take the opportunity to review the past semester. How have you met your goals? What projects worked and which ones need improvement? Talk with members of your organization to answer these questions and to create new goals and plans for next semester that everyone can look forward to. Also, recognize the group’s achievements! This is a wonderful time to celebrate what each member has done and to give members renewed energy and inspiration. For many organizations, new officers are being chosen during this time. Officer transitions are an essential task because they allow outgoing officers to pass down all of the important lessons they have learned. Gather and pass along old forms, checklists, suggestions for success, and tips to avoid common mistakes. Remember that new officers do not have to start at square one! Give them the resources they need to keep the organization moving forward. 
- National Interfraternity Conference


Encourage creativity- offer new challenges and be supportive of new endeavors
Be passionate- focus on the activities that you truly care about
Be optimistic- things may get tough, but keep a positive outlook!
Take a break- don’t get burnt out. Take time to sit back, clear your mind, and revitalize.

Don’t be confused!

No one wants to jeopardize their event by forgetting to register it on OrgSync or forgetting to reserve a room! 
Remember that these are two separate steps: 
To register your event: “Event Registration Form” on OrgSync 
To reserve a space:

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Be On The Lookout!

Upcoming OWU Events:

Funtrium! Take a break and make some holiday cards, Dec. 4 during lunch in the Hamwil Atrium
President's Ball, December 7 9pm - 1 am, SCSC Atrium Hosted by President's Club -- tickets are $5 
Final Day for Registered Events, December 13 (The Last Day of Classes) 
Semester Final Exams December 16-19 
OWU Summit- save the date! Feb. 8



What OWU Student Leaders have to say...

Check out what senior Kelsey Ullom- President’s Club Member, President of Kappa Alpha Theta, and Mission Team Leader- has to say!
“One of the most important things I've learned as a leader is to always give people a chance. At first I was afraid to delegate a task to  someone in my committee, because I didn't trust them to do it the way I would. But the more I took that risk, the more I realized that it wasn't a risk at all, and giving my peers the opportunity to lead resulted in a more original result beyond what I could've ever come up with. There are so many unexpected leaders who are eager to embrace their strengths and I've learned that opening up that possibility for them can be tremendously rewarding. A good leader enables others to lead.”

The ORG Has A New Name! Now "How To At OWU!"

Recently the ORG underwent massive renovations to make it more user friendly. More updated information, new, cooler pictures, and more applicable to YOU! Check it out here!

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