Programming Contest

Scoreboard will be shut down with one hour remaining in contest.

RankNameSolvedTime    A        B        C        D        E        F    Total att/solv
0Big Daddy Roboboat and the Biggs Beverage Pod43051/--1/1451/281/632/490/--6/4
1Zygohistomorphic Prepromorphisms44060/--4/--1/2321/342/241/969/4
2Submitted/1st Yes/ Total Yes46050/--0/--1/2332/681/1721/1125/4
4Snack Overflow33530/--0/--1/2071/401/1060/--3/3
5Messing Around With Problems11890/--0/--0/--3/1490/--0/--3/1
6OWU Bishops000/--0/--0/--0/--2/--0/--2/0
6Sean's Favorite Students004/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--4/0
6The Hive001/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--1/0
Submitted/1st Yes/Total Yes6/--/05/145/15/28/59/34/69/24/52/96/236/19
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