Warmest Holiday Wishes from Ohio Wesleyan University

As we finish exams, papers, projects, and our work to wrap up a successful fall semester at Ohio Wesleyan, we all look forward to enjoying the holiday break with family and loved ones.

During the past months, we have taken steps toward living what we have always thought was a normal life on the OWU campus. Certainly, we have continued to take precautions to keep our friends, classmates, and colleagues safe and healthy, and we are grateful for the concern and caring actions of our entire community. Indeed, it is this family-like spirit that has helped keep our campus healthy – and has infused the campus with smiles, laughter, and fun.

We are happy to share with you this fun holiday video, which reflects the bright spirit and strong bonds that unite us on campus.

We wish for all of you a season of peace, joy, laughter, and love for you and your family.

Happy holidays,
Rock and Melissa Jones