We’re so excited you’re coming to Ohio Wesleyan! There’s lots to do as you make the transition to OWU!  Spring New Student Orientation is designed to get you ready for your time at Wesleyan and answer any question you can possibly think of!

Orientation Programs:
The Spring New Student Orientation for all new students will take place on Tuesday, Jan. 11th, via ZOOM. A Zoom link with log-in instructions will be emailed to all new students via their OWU email address on Monday, Jan. 10th. Orientation program/schedule can be accessed HERE

New international students will also go through a New International Student Orientation (NISO), and more information about that program can be found HERE

Class Registration:
The Academic Advising Office will be in contact with you prior to the beginning of the semester, likely in December, to begin the registration process / get you registered for classes. More information will be coming. Check the New@OWU weekly digest and your OWU email account regularly for updates. 

To assist you in preparing for the class registration process, please watch this video from Dr. Andrea Colvin, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Performance and Advising, on academic requirements and what your spring schedule may look like. 

Interested in getting a quick "tour" of campus? Click HERE for a "Tour of OWU with Charlie"!

Please navigate through the pages on the right hand side of this page to help you in getting ready to start at OWU this January. The pages link you to other pages on the OWU website that provide information you need to start as a student at OWU. 

Orientation Program Contact Information

Brad Pulcini
Dean of Student Service
Phone: 740-368-3943
Email: btpulcin@owu.edu