We’re so excited you’re coming to Ohio Wesleyan! There’s lots to do as you make the transition to OWU!  Spring New Student Orientation is designed to get you ready for your time at Wesleyan and answer any question you can possibly think of!

Orientation Programs:
The Spring New Student Orientation for all new students will take place on-campus on Tuesday, Jan. 16th. The schedule will be made available as we get closer to the date. The program is designed specifically for students to help them be ready to start their semester at OWU. 

Families and Parents will be able to access information about their student's start at OWU through the New@OWU daily digest, as well as will be able to contact offices directly with questions. 

Class Registration:
The Academic Advising Office will be in contact with you prior to the beginning of the semester to begin the registration process / get you registered for classes. More information will be coming. Check the New@OWU weekly digest and your OWU email account regularly for updates.

Please navigate through the pages on the right hand side of this page to help you in getting ready to start at OWU this January. The pages link you to other pages on the OWU website that provide information you need to start as a student at OWU. 

Orientation Program Contact Information

Brad Pulcini
Dean of Student Services
Email: btpulcin@owu.edu