Camp Oh-Wooo is an orientation experience that immerses incoming Bishops in everything OWU!

Camp Oh-Wooo Fall 2020!

We can’t wait until you arrive on campus Sunday, Aug. 16, to get to know you and help you prepare for your four-year Ohio Wesleyan adventure.

We have decided that to help support everyone’s safety, we’re going to “camp” right on the OWU grounds instead of traveling to multiple offsite locations. That said, we’re still going to create four experiences that focus on challenge, service, wilderness, or city – and we’ll be asking you during your virtual summer orientation to identify the camp theme that most appeals to you.

This update to Camp Oh-Wooo is a change in location only. Everything will be arranged to help you meet your new classmates and build friendships, connect with great student leaders, and get to know supportive faculty and staff.

What to expect from Camp Oh-Wooo

Fun! New friends! Adventure! Great conversations! And a deep connection to OWU!

At each camp, you will be part of a small group of 8-15 new students led by two OWU student leaders who are excited to share their experiences with you. Small groups may also include a faculty or staff member, and the activities you do with your group will be the foundation of your camp experience. You’ll get to know your fellow Bishops, explore who you are, talk about the college experience, and learn what it means to be part of the OWU family. 

Camp Oh-Wooo is available to all incoming students and transfer students. 


During OWU's Virtual Summer Orientation in June, we'll provide details about the camp themes and ask you to choose the option that best fits you. Do you love outdoor adventure? Have a heart for volunteering and service? Do you love learning teamwork skills and meeting new people? Or do you prefer to explore and compete? There is something for everyone! If you're not sure which camp is the best choice, there will be opportunities to ask questions during Virtual Summer Orientation to help you decide.