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December 6, 2017

Ohio Wesleyan senior Maddy Coalmer used a university-funded Theory-to-Practice Grant to study land degradation in Iceland. She plans to pursue a doctoral degree tied to society and the environment. (Photo courtesy of Maddy Coalmer)

Ohio Wesleyan Awards Eight Theory-to-Practice Grants

Newest University-Funded Grants to Support Learning Experiences in Eight Countries

By Cole Hatcher

DELAWARE, OHIO – Ohio Wesleyan University is awarding $59,500 to students and faculty in competitive Theory-to-Practice Grants to support projects ranging from exploring freedom of the press in Norway to conserving wildlife in Zimbabwe.

Since fall 2009, more than 800 Ohio Wesleyan students, faculty, and staff have used the university-funded grants, part of The OWU Connection, to conduct research or complete special projects in more than 60 countries.

Maddy Coalmer, Class of 2018, used a Theory-to-Practice Grant to travel to Iceland to study land degradation and its relation to tourists and native people. Coalmer plans to pursue a doctoral degree tied to studies of society and the environment.

“When sitting in a classroom, one can begin to stray away from how the theories taught can apply to real life,” said Coalmer, a geography and psychology minor from Canfield, Ohio. “Through the Theory-to-Practice Grant program, a student is offered a firsthand chance to see that the concepts our professors teach really do help us succeed in life.

“When I think about the positives of this trip,” Coalmer said, “I can only begin to think about how it has helped me explore topics I would like to study in graduate school for my thesis, and even onto my doctoral dissertation.”

Ohio Wesleyan awards four rounds of Theory-to-Practice Grants funding each academic year. Here are the first round of fall 2017 grant recipients and their projects:

“Accounting for Emerging Industries in an Environment of Conflicting Regulation,” submitted by Justin Breidenbach, assistant professor of economics, with Emily West, assistant professor of accounting, and four students: senior Christiana Migliacci of Rancho Cucamonga, California; senior Rachell Resnik of Perrysburg, Ohio; junior Allisa Schuller of Mansfield, Ohio; and senior Luke Tompkins of East Falmouth, Massachusetts. Breidenbach, West, and the Ohio Wesleyan students will travel to the State of Washington for a week in March to conduct their research.

“Applying Learning to Lifestyle,” submitted by senior Jacquelynn Everetts of Yorktown, Indiana. Everetts will travel to Switzerland for two weeks in January for her project.

“Collective Memory of Violence and Oppression under Dictatorships in Chile and Argentina,” submitted by senior Emma Sampson of Kent, Ohio, who will travel to the South American countries in December and January to conduct her research.

“Conserving Natural Heritage: Zimbabwe Wildlife Rehabilitation Volunteerism,” submitted by junior Serena George of Palos Park, Illinois, and sophomore Abbi Turner of Indianapolis, Indiana. The students will travel to Zimbabwe in July and August for their project.

“Cultural Exploration and Service in Cuzco, Peru,” submitted by senior Meaghan Teitelman of Concord, Massachusetts, and junior Alyssa DiPadova of Chesterland, Ohio, who will travel to the South American country in December and January to conduct their research.

“Freedom of press: What the U.S. can learn from Norwegian media,” submitted by senior Gopika Nair of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, who will travel to Norway for a week in March for her project.

Michael Rohd residency at OWU,” submitted by Ed Kahn, professor of theatre & dance. Rohd is the founding artistic director of New York’s Sojourn Theatre, a faculty member at Northwestern University, and the author of “Theatre for Community, Conflict, and Dialogue.” Rohd is scheduled to be in residence at Ohio Wesleyan during fall semester 2018.

“Racism and Sectarianism: A Comparison Between America and Northern Ireland,” submitted by associate chaplain Lisa Ho with Charles Kellom, assistant dean for multicultural student affairs, and six students: sophomore Adedayo Akinmadeyemi of Columbus, Ohio; junior Anna Davies of St. Clairsville, Ohio; sophomore Daniel Delatte of New Orleans, Louisiana; sophomore HannahJo Grimes of Quincy, Ohio; sophomore Cara Harris of Chicago, Illinois; and junior Eli Reed of Columbus, Ohio. The group will travel to Northern Ireland for 12 days in May to conduct their research.

When the travelers return to campus, they will prepare reports and presentations based on their objectives and experiences. Many will present during the university’s annual spring Student Symposium.

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