Take Immediate Action

  • Report any suspicious activity or safety incident immediately. Immediate reporting greatly increases the ability of law enforcement officers to apprehend suspects.

Get Out of Harm's Way

  • Follow a RUN. HIDE. FIGHT.® protocol – in that order.
  • Get to a safe place and secure yourself there. Lock and/or barricade doors as you are able. (Don’t leave a safe space to reach your own room, office, etc.)
  • Stay sheltered until you get an all-clear message. This message likely will be sent via the OWU ALERT emergency notification system.
  • Use an emergency call box. OWU has nine (9) emergency call boxes that connect directly to the Delaware County 911 Dispatch Center. When a call is placed, a light on top of each call box is activated.

    Academic (east) side of campus:

      • On the north side of University Hall on the academic (east) side of campus.
      • Between Slocum and Elliott Halls
      • On the northwest side of Schimmel/Conrades Science Center (near the science library) on the academic (east) side of campus.
      • On the southwest side of Schimmel/Conrades Science Center (near the Atrium stairwell) on the academic (east) side of campus.
      • Outside the Meek Aquatics and Recreation Center on the academic (east) side of campus.

    Residential (west) side of campus:

      • Between Hayes Hall and Smith West.
      • Between 23 Williams Drive and 20 Williams Drive (Delta Tau Delta).
      • Between Bashford and Thomson Halls.
      • Outside Stuyvesant Hall in the parking lot area.

Be Proactive in Protecting Yourself

  • Walk and jog with others in busy, well-lighted areas. If you have safety concerns and need a Public Safety escort, call 740-368-2222.
  • Assess your surroundings to identify possible escape routes and ways to subdue/disarm an assailant in life-threatening situations. (Could you break a window? Do you have pepper spray? Do you have access to heavy objects to throw or use as weapons?)
  • Check twice before entering a crosswalk. Even if you have the right-of-way, check both ways to ensure that motorists see you and are stopping to let you cross. Use push-button “walk” mechanisms when available.
  • Don’t use headphones, text, or talk on the phone as you walk. You need to hear, see, and quickly respond to what is going on around you.
  • If you feel threatened, get to a safe place and call for help as soon you feel you are out of immediate danger.

Prepare Your Cell Phone

  • Carry a charged cell phone at all times. Add OWU Public Safety to your contacts and mark it as a favorite. The number is 740-368-2222.
  • Register to receive OWU ALERT emergency notifications. We issue OWU ALERT emergency notifications  to share information that requires you to take urgent action and to share weather-related delays or closings. You are able to choose to receive OWU ALERTS as text, voice, and/or email messages.
  • Program your phone to recognize calls from 740-368-3411 as an OWU ALERT emergency notification.

Get Help If Harassed

  • Communicate clearly and directly that you are bothered by the actions and/or words of the offender(s) and want the behavior to stop immediately.
  • If the behavior persists, let the offender(s) know their actions and/or words are unwelcome and, if their behavior does not stop, you will report them to a University authority.
  • If the harassment is more severe and/or requires urgent intervention, contact a University authority right away. Report the activity to the Department of Public Safety, Residential Life Office, Dean of Students Office, or Coordinator of Student Conduct. Ohio Wesleyan has a number of resources and procedures available to support you and ensure the unwanted activity stops.

Safeguard Your Card

  • Protect your Ohio Wesleyan ID card. If it is lost or stolen, report the incident immediately to Public Safety so that the card can be deactivated.

Be an Advocate

  • If you witness others who are impaired or in distress, ensure they get help and get to a safe, secure environment.

Lock It Up

  • Lock doors and windows when you leave an area, even for short periods of time.
  • Don’t prop open doors or allow strangers to follow you into locked buildings.
  • Report broken/malfunctioning locks to OWU Building & Grounds as soon as problems are detected.
  • Lock vehicles and remove valuables from view.
  • Never leave valuables unattended. This includes purses, laptop computers, cell phones, and other valuables.
  • Password-protect all electronic devices and use two-step authentication for your Google email and other accounts when available.

Don't Bring Weapons

  • The following weapons are prohibited at Ohio Wesleyan University:
    • martial arts weapons
    • brass knuckles
    • knives
    • paint ball guns and cartridges
    • slingshots
    • explosives (including fireworks of any kind)
  • Firearms are prohibited except as provided by Ohio Revised Code.
    • Firearms includes BB guns, paintball guns, pellet guns, stun guns, and air guns.
  • Weapons are subject to confiscation and student-violators will be referred to the University Conduct System.
  • If you are aware of the presence of any weapons on campus, report to Public Safety immediately.