The OWU Marching Band returns in fall 2018, and you can be a charter member!

This is your band!

True to the Oh-Wooo spirit, the new marching band puts students first.

Marching Bishops"We want marching band to be a high note of your OWU career," says Director Mary Kate McNally. "A student-first college marching band program creates a culture of support where students can grow as leaders, have fun, and make more emotional, sincere music. Our goal is to develop you as a musician in an environment that encourages you to take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them."

Director McNally’s comprehensive, detail-oriented teaching method will ensure that the OWU Marching Band has an established set of standards - clearly defined motion fundamentals and attention to musical detail will allow you to thrive in a challenging yet supportive rehearsal environment.

Lead a new era

As a charter member of the OWU Marching Bishops, you will have the rare opportunity to lay a foundation and shape a vision for the future. This band needs a distinct identity and fun, meaningful traditions to pass down. The students are the ones who craft a band’s identity. What will ours be?

A good marching band is a cross-section of the entire campus, not just music majors. The OWU Marching Band will be inclusive and diverse, with music lovers from across the country and overseas - and majors from accounting to zoology.

This will be fun!

The OWU community takes great pride in our school and our many Battling Bishops teams. We're going to make that a loud, brazen, Oh-Wooo pride. Passionate, fired-up crowds will delight in our halftime performances featuring popular music and our own unique style.

All backgrounds are welcome. No matter what type of band you come from, you'll be introduced to a new style, a hybrid of the show band and competition styles. Our performances will focus on entertainment value, sending crowds into a frenzy with fun music and choreography.

Join Us

Put your heart into the OWU Marching Band, and you'll grow as a musician, make friends, have fun, and leave a legacy that could last for decades.

Contact Marching Band Director Mary Kate McNally at, (740) 368-3137, or visit her at Hamilton-Williams Campus Center, Room 205.

Marching Band Director


Mary Kate McNally
Hamilton-Williams Campus Center
Room 205
P 740-368-3137