If you don't see an answer to your question about OWU's marching band, contact Marching Band Director Mary Kate McNally at mkmcnall@owu.edu, (740) 368-3137, or visit her at Hamilton-Williams Campus Center, Room 326.

Marching Band

What instruments can I play in the Marching Bishops?

We invite students who play any of the following instruments:
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone*
Drumline** (Snare, Bass, Tenors, Cymbals)

 *May require a special audition for placement on this instrument

**Instrumentation will be determined by placement audition

Is there be a color guard?


Do I have to audition to be a Marching Bishop?

If you want in, you’re in! Although there will be performance-based assessments that might feel “audition-like,” they will be used for things like assigning parts, selecting students for specialty instruments or drumline placement, awarding solos, and checking memorization of material for pregame and halftime performances. Ultimately, they will be a tool to help the director and instructors be better informed of all members’ ability levels so that instruction can be tailored accordingly.

Do I have to be a music major to participate?

Absolutely not. The Marching Bishops welcomes musicians from all degree programs to participate.

Will I have enough time to participate in a marching band?

We certainly hope so! While we can’t guarantee that every student will be able to make the Marching Bishops work within their schedule, we want to make it possible for as many students as we can. With a schedule of three rehearsals a week, a focus on home football games, and carefully selected campus and community appearances, students have both weeknights and weekends away from formal marching band activities to focus on academics and other commitments. Below are a few of ways in which the 2018 Marching Bishops are involved in our campus community.

Brass Ensemble
Chamber Orchestra
Choral Art Society
Park Avenue Jazz Ensemble
Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Woodwind Ensembles
Anti-Human Trafficking Club
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Botany and Microbiology Club
Circle K
Environmental and Wildlife Club
Global Scholars
House of Linguistic Diversity (SLU)
Medieval Combat Club
National Association for Music Education
Pet Pals

Do the Marching Bishops only play during football season?

The Marching Bishops season begins with preseason training camp in mid-August and concludes with the last home football game of the season (mid-November). The Bishop Basketball Band season begins mid-November and concludes with the last home basketball game of the season (mid-February). While students are welcomed and encouraged to participate in both ensembles, you don’t have to march during football season to play during basketball season or vice versa.

What marching style will the Marching Bishops use?

The Marching Bishops use straight-leg marching fundamentals. Other names for this style are competition, corps-style, or roll-step. Our performances, however, often incorporate visual effects and elements from other styles such as full-band dance blocks, military-style drill moves, and selections of popular and rock music. If you’ve never marched straight-leg before (or never marched at all), don’t worry. We all learn and work on the fundamentals together at preseason training camp.

What is preseason training camp?

PTC might be similar your high school band camp experience. Students will move into their dorm rooms early and participate in a week of music and marching rehearsals together. We’ll learn and perfect the fundamentals of our marching style, set drill for pregame and the halftime show, rehearse music, and have some fun activities planned, too!

For the fall of 2019, leadership team members will move to campus on August 7. Drumline and guard members will move in on August 8, and the rest of the band will move in on August 9.

How do I sign up?

  • If you would like to register for the fall of 2019, please use our Register link.
  • If you would like to be included on our mailing list, please use our Request Info form.